10 Cozy Things to Make in July

Hello, July!! I am currently packing for a short trip to Florida, while the best show on earth plays in the background—The Great British Bakeoff. It’s back and it’s making me all excited for fall baking. I know, I know. I’m supposed to be in the land of BBQs and watermelon but fall is when I’m at my best. It’s my land of cozy and I am the queen. Kinda. Haha. Anyway! since it’s July, I figured I’d post some of my favorite summah recipes because we’re just getting started. 1. S’mores Pavlova – it’s 4th of July weekend. Speaking of which, do most people have tomorrow (Monday) off or do you have Wednesday (the actual 4th) off? This has me confused. 2. Creamy Elote Pasta – I love this pasta so much. I remember last year when we were developing this recipe and after we nailed it, we ate the entire thing between us two. It’s so good. 3. Mojito Cupcakes – These are perfect for a summer shindig because they’re easy and have a bright and airy flavor. 4. Eton Mess – I love the story behind the Eton Mess. Leave it to a dog to destroy dessert […]

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