Bourbon Pecan Dark Chocolate Chips Cookies

Saturday is a big day for the United States. There is Cinco de Mayo AND The Kentucky Derby. WHAT DO THE AMERICANS DO?!? I usually don’t celebrate The Kentucky Derby but this year I’m actually going to my friend Whitney’s Derby Party! I can’t wait because I’m excited about drinking a mint julep, fried chicken and a few of these cookies (again). I’m not really a big gambler because I’d much rather spend gambling money on guaranteed shoes and purses. BUT I’ll be sure to do some research by Saturday. I usually pick the horse with the saddest most emotional story. I want a tear-jerker of a story. That’s the horse I usually root for and it’s usually the one that loses—so who knows! A big winner for sure will be these cookies. They’re basically my typical Cozy Chocolate Chip Cookies but with added bourbon and pecans. They taste bourbon-y and the pecans are delicious. I love them. They’re also super easy to throw together the morning of. I baked a double batch (that’s what you see here) so I could bake the other half of the batch on Saturday. They’re party bound! Bourbon Pecan Dark Chocolate Chips Cookies Prep […]

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