I ❥ Tokyo, Japan! (Honeymoon Post Part I)

When Josh and I were talking about where to honeymoon, I was a big advocate for beach-y areas. I wanted to chill on a beach with a frozen drink of some kind. And Josh wanted to do more of a city. So we compromised and did both! First Maui, Hawaii and then Japan. It was the best combo ever. We spent a week in Maui with our friends Cassie and Burke and then took a flight from Maui to Honolulu (shortest flight!) and then flew from Honolulu to Tokyo. It was a pretty short eight hours that I barely noticed because I watched a few movies and ate a Quiznos sandwich. HOTEL We spent the first three nights in Tokyo. We stayed at the Andaz in the Toronomon Hills area of Tokyo and it was an incredible hotel. Maybe the nicest one I’ve ever stayed in—I loved it. It’s definitely a splurge price-wise but we were lucky enough to have my brother-in-law and sister-in-law book it on points. It was a little wedding gift to us. JETLAG  Is it weird that I wasn’t that affected by the jet lag? We got in around 3pm and we both made ourselves stay […]

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