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A recent


found that people who consumed oatmeal—either instant


old-fashioned—felt fuller and had a suppressed appetite over four hours, compared to people who ate ready-to-eat boxed cereals. (See more on

why you should eat more oatmeal

.) While we’re sure you’ve tried the hearty whole grain for breakfast, we have good news for you: It tastes equally as delicious as a savory snack or meal, any time of the day. Check out 16 ways to enjoy the filling food, any time of day.

“I love this on a cold morning, particularly as I prepare for an active weekend at the gym, on the road, or about town,” says David Olson, the man behind

A Bachelor and His Grill

. “This dish is gorgeous, fresh, nutrient-dense, full of rustic, earthy flavors, and fills the kitchen with the most amazing of aromas.”

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