Three of My Favorite Things to Eat For Balance

True story: I love butter and cakes and cookies and pasta. Also true story:I eat healthy most of the time. I don’t follow a diet nor am I paleo, whole30, vegan, keto or any of that. I like to think that I attempt to practice balance and moderation. It’s something I’m not always great at or successful at achieving but it’s what I strive to do and it works for me. I have a hard time eliminating things completely from my diet, so I eat literally everything, I just don’t eat ALL of it. Most days I eat pretty healthy and that’s because it makes me feel better about myself. It makes me feel lighter and brighter and keeps my energy up. These are my three favorite things to keep me feeling all sprightly! My morning smoothie: I love having my morning smoothie an hour or so before a later morning workout OR right after a early morning workout. And then there are mornings where I don’t work out at all and I still drink it. Here’s what I add: 2 scoops of Vital Proteins Banana Collagen + Whey Protein Powder (I like Vital Proteins because it doesn’t have stevia […]

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